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Things You Should Know As a Stupid Driver

Well, you might think things won’t go wrong while you drive because you are a good driver! This is rather a stupid thinking by a stupid driver. There are things you must know not to become a stupid diver other than accelerating, changing gears and braking on. Then think of others to get you. You can only be smart and safe if others on the road are good too.

Reckless Driving

A smart driver is he who considers others on the road very seriously. In any moment, any one of them could stumble upon yours or through you out of the road. Your driving skills won’t matter in that case, right?

Saving 100 bucks for your life! It’s really stupid. Don’t ever turn your keys without checking the functionality of vehicle especially the brakes, wheel bolt and the air in the wheels. Check the fuel gauge and try the nearest one if you so your one is thirsty as you might not find one by the time your tank is exhausted. It is stupidity to compromise your security by any standard.

Getting the right lane as you drive on is the next. Don’t be stupid to confuse with the one you need. Driving in a high way is different to driving in streets. In highways traffics are lighter while in streets experience with a stream of heavy traffic.  Depending on the differences in the weights of traffics you need to differentiate your driving style to become a smart driver. Merging with traffic is too important since the road belongs not only to you. You can’t push one or let the other push you. Maintain speed limit as noticed. Don’t forget to turn on indicator while changing lane.

Check on your traction while playing on icy roads. You need to think of, not to become a stupid one, skidding of your vehicle while approaching an intersection, taking sharp turns or U-turns.  There are drivers usually pay less attention to their windshield wipers and move out with deformed wiper blades. Heavy rain showers could turn things before you shaggy if the wipers not as good as required.

Have some breathing space between you and other to avoid smashing of your front and tail of the other. You must maintain a few car lengths in between to let you slow down to match with the slowing down of the one before yours. Lack of concentration of drivers to cause hitting the back of cars ahead.

The far you look ahead the less stupid you’re as a driver. May be you can’t react faster, so it’s better for you and the rests on wheels. Don’t be stupid and dangerous to others and to you too by doing jobs other than driving like, talking, texting, drinking, eating etc. Remember, most of the crashes survive because of doing these extras.

Never ever try driving while you are on alcohol or feel sleepy. You being so stupid can cause harm instantly for you and the others driving along side you.

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DVSA Grade A Driving Lesson

Initially known as the Driving Standards Agency, DSA changed its name according to its requirement to Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). This is basically a standard in the UK to get a driving license. This test isn’t that easy but not that difficult too. To pass this test you need to pass three phases. This includes theory test, driving test and driving test costs.


Starting with the theory test, you initially need a UK driving license, a debit or credit card, and an email address. Now you need to select the exact vehicle you wish to drive. This might be a car, bus or even a lorry. For your convenience, you even have an option to change your driving test date scheduled. You can choose a later date than the one they allotted for you. You can also choose an earlier date for your test or even the center for your test. They also have this option of you customizing your date or time and even the location for the test. Lastly, if necessary you can also cancel your driving test lesson by simply contacting them or sending them an email in customercare@pearson.com.

Driving Test

For the cost, a theory test costs around £23 for cars. Similarly, the driving test costs around £62. The costs for lorries, motorcycles, and buses differ from that of the cars.If you fail the test there is no option of not paying the fee. Similarly, if you wish to take the test again you have to pay again prior to making the earlier payment. Also for your information, these centers don’t always provide you with driving test lessons during weekends or even odd evenings all of the time.

To know the timing of your test you can also go to the ‘’book a test’’ or ‘’select an earlier date’’ and have a look.

.Compulsory basic training also known as  (CBT) course set their prices to price under appointed training schools. To know the availability and prices you can always Contact your nearest course provider.


To become a certified lorry or bus driver the requirements are different.You need to take a 4 Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) tests. But at times only two of this courses are good enough.

The costs are quite similar and start with filling the form and sending it to  Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

You can always cancel your driving test for valid reasons. But you can’t cancel the test for bad weather.

At times due to certain reasons DVSA also cancels the test. For this you are given a cash back option by it has certain clauses. The cash back is only applicable if DVSA takes more than three working days to notify you before the test that is canceled. Working days include Saturdays but they don’t consider public holidays as working days if it falls in between that is.

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