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Why choose Ferrier school of motoring?

Driving skills test

Each lesson and each course will be structured in accordance with your own requirements. Everybody learns to drive at their own rate, whether young and confident or perhaps more mature and in need of a confidence boost.

Drivers Safety

With experience as an instructor dating back to 1997, the service that I offer is of the highest professional standard. I ensure that my pupils are taught to drive for life, not just to pass the practical test alone.

Preparation for rules

The teaching methods that I utilise are more advanced than many driving schools. Thus enabling you to maximise your potential during your course of driving lessons in Blackpool.

Vehicles are ready for all, thanks to the removals service of Hunts International especially their brilliant removals to Ireland service.

We also offer seat replacements using riser recliner chairs exclusively designed by Grosvenor Mobility.

Know you're in safe hands



Students are exposed to real life driving scenarios. Our instructors make this learning process fun in that they use overheads, videos, request group work, give assignments, motivate and promote students' ideas and participation.


We have put together a range of mini-packages for you. These offer considerable savings.


Driver Education completed in four days, or two weekends, or an evening class.(once a week).Ten hours of in-car training are also inclusive.Our driving instructors, in turn, take the time to understand each student and address their concerns.


The full course offered at Accurate Driving School includes 10 hours of in car lessons. This manual will give a brief outline of all 10 in car driving instruction lessons.

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